Serving Our Policyholders Since 1895

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Serving Our Policyholders Since 1895

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Welcome to Dallas Mutual Insurance Association

A large number of farmers from all over Dallas County met in February 1895 to organize a mutual insurance company. That mutual was called Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Dallas County, and was headquartered in Dallas Center. The name was changed in 1952 to the current name.

The Mutual was organized, as were all other county mutuaIs, out of necessity. The eastern stock companies were charging exorbitant rates, and farmers not wanting to pay the high rates organized their own association to provide fire insurance at reasonable rates. In the beginning the only perils covered were fire and lightning. In 1953 the perils were expanded to include windstorm, and in 1961 a homeowners policy was introduced for town properties.

Today, as it was in 1895, the management and board of directors are committed to its purpose of providing protection to our policyholders.